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HDMI 1.4: 10 things you need to know
HDMI 1.4 supports “extremely high HD resolutions” Specifically, HDMI 1.4 provides support for 4K x 2K resolutions , which is effectively four times the pixel-perfection of a current 1080p device.
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4K Video Signal Guide
HDMI 1.4 HDMI 1.4 is used on pretty much all UHD television sets and is the closest thing to a consumer standard for 4K signals available right now. The main limitation of HDMI 1.4 is bandwidth, as HDMI 1.4 is only able to handle 8-bit color at 24p or 30p. This
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2 m High Speed True 4K HDMI Cable with Ethernet
We offer HDMI cable at lengths of 1 to 5 meters with resolutions up to True 4K (4096 x 2160 @60Hz 4:4:4). Package Contents 1x 2L-7D02H-1 2m High Speed True 4K HDMI Cable with Ethernet
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How many HZ can a HDMI cable transmit?
 · The HDMI 1.4 standard allows up to 1080p 144 Hz, but that does not mean “as long as the monitor has HDMI 1.4 it will work”. Full bandwidth support is not required, so many HDMI 1.4 monitors are limited to 1080p 60 Hz over HDMI.
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Economy 10m HDMI 1.4 Cable CAT.NO:WV7918 High quality resolution up to 4K at 30Hz. $49.95 Bulk Pricing: 1-3 $49.95 4-9 $44.95 10+ $39.95 Quantity Add to cart compare Wishlist Check Store CAT.NO:XC4933
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Starting at $139.99 for FiBBR’s five-foot Ultra Pro Series HDMI v2.0b 4K Fiber Optic cable, the line provides a wide array of lengths all the way to up 165 feet (50m). Take the next step with your 4K video system, step up to fiber optic transmission between your 4K sources and display or between your sources, audio system and your display.
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HDMI 2.1 Feature
HDMI ® [email protected] / [email protected] HDMI ® Specification 2.1 supports end-to-end 8K/4K resolutions and higher refresh rate solutions with a single upgraded cable for seamless integration with the HDMI eco-system. HDMI ® Licensing Administrator, Inc. (HDMI LA) is the agent appointed by the HDMI Forum to license Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification and is the agent appointed by the HDMI Founders to
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 · The big new feature of the Xbox Series X is its 4K HDR 120FPS (or 8K HDR 60FPS) gaming, and you can’t get that without two things: a 4K HDR TV with HDMI 2.1 and an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable.
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HDMI Technology: Specifications and Programs

Almost 10 billion devices enabled with HDMI ® technology have shipped since the first HDMI specification was released in December 2002. The latest HDMI 2.1 Specification released in November 2017 continues to enable the development of new product categories and innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for higher performance and more immersive consumer experiences.
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Cable Hdmi 4k
Cable Hdmi A Hdmi 1,5m Hd 1.4 4k 1080p 3d Full Hd Punta Oro $ 345, 49 Cable Hdmi 5mts V1.4 Oro 3d 4k Filtros Reforzado Led 1 Htec $ 920 $ 874 5% OFF Cable Hdmi A Hdmi 4k 3d Mallado V2.0 Ps4 Led – 15 Mts Metros $ 2.490 Cable Hdmi A Hdmi 10 $
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USB Type-C to HDMI Cable 4K 60Hz
The Satechi Aluminum Type-C to HDMI cable 4K @ 60Hz was designed with quality in mind. Display your Type-C device in beautiful, crisp 4K high definition even at 60Hz. Quality build to ensure stable, secure connections.
Specification sheet (buy online): CAB-MINIDP-HDMI4K-2M Lindy 2m Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K Adapter Cable

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4K HDMI Cable 2M HDMI Lead-Snowkids Ultra High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable [email protected] Compatible Fire TV, 3D Support, Ethernet Function, Video 4K UHD 2160p, HD 1080p, 3D , PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC ect MaxDigi HDMI to HDMI Cable 1.5m gold Connectors Ideal for Sky HD, HDTV, BLU-RAY, PS3 PS4, XBOX, WII U, Philips HMP2000 Apple TV Plasma, LCD LED TV, Virgin Box, Freeview HD Type C to Type A (1…
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The longest HDMI cable we have ever seen a compliance test certificate for is our own Series-1, which passed ATC testing at 45 feet under HDMI 1.3a (CTS 1.3b1); apart from that, the longest we’ve seen, after seeking these from all of the many vendors who try


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