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Kyoto Station → Horikawa-Teranouchi (Bus terminal, 周星馳吳孟達生日快樂 Kyoto200ka1969-206

Nikenchaya Kino Iwakura Yase-Hieizanguchi Kyoto-Seikadai-mae …

 · PDF 檔案Take Kyoto City Bus #100 or #206 from Kyoto Sta. to Gojozaka. (15 min.) 2. Walk from the Gojozaka bus stop. (10 min.) 1. Take Kyoto City Bus #9, #50, #101, or Nijo-jo Kinkakuji Express from Kyoto Sta. to Nijojo-mae. (16 min.) • * No fee necessary on JR
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5 min(to East) : Higashiyama-Yasui bus stop, #206 of City bus from J/R Kyoto station 5 min(to East): Higashiyama-Yasui bus stop, #207 of City bus from Kawaramachi station of Hankyu line or from Gion-Shijyo station of Keihan line (note) 15min; from J/R for [2]
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Via bus, take the Kyoto City Bus #206 and get off at Gion. The bus ride takes around 21 minutes and the stop is right in front of Yasaka Shrine. It costs 230 yen one way. If you use the subway, take the Karasu Line towards the Kokusaikaikan. Transfer at Shijo


Kyoto sta. City Bus No.206 15min City Bus No.28 13min City Bus No.26 19min * If taking train, please check here. Shijo Omiya Bus stop 約1 分 HOTEL M’s PLUS SHIJO-OMIYA From Kansai International Airport (Limousine Bus For Sanjo Keihan) 104min

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Access From JR Kyoto Station, take Kyoto City Bus #206 and get off at Gion. From Keihan Gion-Shijō Station, 5 min. on foot. From Hankyū Kawaramachi Station, 8 min. on foot. From JR Kyoto Station
From Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) to Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto Bus & Train Guide
Gion Corner
From JR Kyoto Station, take City Bus 206 to the Gion bus stop, and from there it is a 5-minute walk. OR by train take the Keihan Line to Gion Shijo Station,and from there it is a 5-minute walk. It is also a 10-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu
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Kyoto in 3 days
We purchased a two-day bus pass from the bus interchange above Kyoto station, then took bus 100 or 206 and travel about 15 minutes or around 8 stops to Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. The buses had monitors indicating clearly the various bus stops and which stop we were currently at.
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[ From Kyoto station to CiRA ] Take the bus No.206 “bound for Higashiyama St. and Kitaoji Bus Terminal” and get off at Kumano Jinja-mae. The first building was complete in February 2010, is 12,000m 2 large and has five levels plus one basement floor that accommodates a …
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Nishi Hongwanji Temple

Kyoto City Bus: From Shijo Omiya, Line 18, 71, 206 or 207 → Get off at Shimabaraguchi Taxi : Request for “Nishi Hongwanji” as the destination. Approximately 10 minutes from Omiya Station.
From Arashiyama to Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto Bus & Train Guide
Temple Kiyomizudera
Depuis la gare de Kyoto, prenez le bus 100 ou 206 jusqu’à l’arrêt Gojo-zaka ou Kiyomizu-michi. Le temple est à 10 minutes de montée à pied, au sommet de la colline. Toujours plus haut
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By Bus Route 206 or 100 from the central exit of Kyoto station. After about a 15 minute journey, you will arrive at “Kiyomizu-michi”. The hotel is a five minute walk from the bus stop. By Car Approx. 25 mins from Meishin Expressway, Kyoto Minami Intersection.
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Kyoto Ryokan ” The KINOE”

By Bus From JR Kyoto Station, it is about 20 minutes (220 Yen) by bus (longer time in rush hour). From the bus terminal D-2 at the JR Kyoto Station Karasuma Exit, take the bus No.206 and get off at the bus stop called Higashiyama-yasui. After getting off You
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BUS, 維他蒸餾水訂購 Kyoto Train Station → Kenryukou-mae (Bus terminal, 麗寶芙蓉匯 B1
者字怎樣寫 戴佩妮 怎樣 A3 #206【Kitaoji bus terminal via Senbon St. 】 35min) 5 minutes walk from Kenryuko-mae bus stop WAY2 BUS


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