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? VIETNAMESE FLAG – facts, history, photos
Flag of Vietnam – Colors Scheme Red Yellow Pantone 1788 Yellow 116 CMYK RGB (226,28,28) (255,255,0) Hex triplet #E21C1C #FFFF00 NCS S 1085 Y80R S 0570 G70Y Photos of vietnamese flag and symbols Vietnamese flag on a
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 · Vietnam’s current flag with a red background and a large yellow star in the center represents today’s united North and South Vietnam. The flag hasn’t always looked as it does today though. It has evolved throughout the years, influenced by its neighbors, the ever changing politics, and the too frequent wars and struggles of Vietnam.
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Flag of Vietnam
Flag of Vietnam ?? Vietnam Emoji Download flag of Vietnam The Flag of Vietnam carries colors that are very popular in this part of the world – red and yellow. Red is used as a background and yellow fills the five-pointed star placed in the middle of the flag. The …
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Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Vietnam
 · The national flag of Vietnam features a five-pointed star on a red field. The flag holds a great deal of meaning and national pride and was officially adopted in 1940. The current version is slightly modified and came into service in 1955.
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What Does the Red POW MIA Flag Stand For?
It is occasionally printed in color, with red being the most common background choice, but the color change does not alter the flag’s meaning. 4 Significance Originally commissioned as a reminder of those soldiers missing or imprisoned during the Vietnam conflict, the POW-MIA flag is as recognizable decades later as it was in the 1970s.
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The Story Behind the POW/MIA Flag
The POW/MIA flag to me represents more than just the losses in Vietnam but in all our nations conflicts soldiers and civilians alike. Because all of the fallen matter. Any credibility that this journalist may have had was lost in the sensational and misleading title, his bogus apology was lost on me when he called and soldier “common” and likened us “common soldiers” to pawns in chess.
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Meaning of ?? Flag: Vietnam Emoji The country is located on the coast of the South China Sea in Southeast Asia. It is best known for its rivers, ? Beaches and ? Buddhist pagodas.The most widespread transport in Vietnam is a ? Scooter.There is even a ? Motorcycle Taxi.
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History & Meaning of the POW/MIA Flag

History & Meaning of the POW/MIA Flag – Approximately 89,000 servicemen remain missing from all American wars since World The POW/MIA Bracelet An organization called VIVA (Voices in a Vital America) launched the first public awareness campaign for
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Flags of The World
Thus every country has got a specific national flag that holds unique importance and meaning. It was in the 18 th century when the very first flags were flown to proclaim the possession over a piece of land and also to proclaim sovereignty.
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Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel
 · Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position Part of the lyric goes: Andre has a red flag Chiang Ching’s is blue They all have hills to fly them on except for Lin Tai Yu Andre could refer to Andre Malraux (1901
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A Defense of the Rebel Flag
(I acknowledge that certain hateful groups may have used the flag for their own warped purposes, but that should not taint the original, real meaning of the flag.) Most history texts, of course, are written from a Leftist perspective and cannot be trusted.
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Military Veteran/Commemorative Flags (U.S.)

 · Vietnam Veterans of America Flag image by Pete Loeser , 11 May 2019 Vietnam Veterans flag is yellow (based on the flag of South Vietnam), with the symbol of the Vietnam Veterans of America, enclosed in a wreath, at the fly, complete with a R-in-a-circle registered trademark beside it.
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Flag of South Vietnam
The flag of South Vietnam was originally inspired by Emperor Thành Thái in 1890, [1] and was revived by Lê Văn Đệ and re-adopted by Emperor Bảo Đại in 1948. [2] It was the flag of the former State of Vietnam (the French-controlled areas in both Northern and Southern Vietnam) from 1949 to 1955 and later of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) from 1955 until April 30, 1975 when


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